Best Fonts for Travel Videos 2018 – Free Download

Everyone loves traveling, right? But what everyone likes even more is to watch an awesome travel video. Can a video be awesome if you are using a lame font? No, it can’t. That’s why we bring you a sweet collection of 35 Best Fonts for Travel Videos! Check it out 🙂

Take a look at the beautiful collection of fonts and download them for free by clicking on each one you like. Make sure to watch the whole video below so you can see how each of the fonts looks like and download only the ones you love.

My personal favorite fonts are in the middle and in the end of the video. I would like to know which ones are your favorite? Drop a comment below or under the video on YouTube, I am really interested to see which fonts people like the most!

Read any instructions or rules written by the creators of these fonts.

I share with you the complete .zip files in the original format as downloaded so you can get all the necessary information. If the authors of these fonts require credit, please don’t avoid to give them the proper credit.

Some of these fonts are free for personal use only, while others are free for personal and commercial use.

Download the fonts one by one below (by clicking on each font name in the list).

Fonts included (A-Z order):


Save some time and download all fonts at once by visiting this link.





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