FREE CINEMATIC LUT – “Cinematic Night”

In the dynamic world of filmmaking, every frame tells a story, and the color palette plays a pivotal role in conveying the intended mood and emotion. This is where Look-Up Tables, commonly known as LUTs, step into the limelight. In the realm of cinematography and video production, LUTs are the unsung heroes that can either elevate your footage to cinematic perfection or inadvertently break the visual narrative. Understanding the Magic of LUTs LUTs act as a set of instructions, guiding the color grading process to achieve a specific look or…

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FREE Cinematic LUTS For Documentary Films

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What exactly is the purpose of a documentary film? In a few words, Documentaries are non-fiction movies that strive towards making the world a better place. Its purpose is to make you aware and actively participate in a society that can make shape the future of this world. Other purposes of a documentary film are to inform, attack a perspective, to persuade, educate, entertain, defend a perspective, to critique, and to observe real life. Documentaries are different from feature stories in a couple of ways. A documentary film is a…

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FREE Cinematic LUTs for Filmmakers

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We all need to color grade our videos, right? Whatever look you are after, you need to color grade your video in order to get that professional look in the end. The proper color choice can set up the right mood in your video. I personally like cinematic looks a lot. Therefore, I bring you 2 FREE Cinematic LUTs created by a fellow content creator Enisa Adrovic. Check her out on YouTube and Instagram. If you have some freebies and would like to get featured on my YouTube channel, website…

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