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Classic Storyboard Template FREE Download

Planning a video or sequence in a film doesn’t come second nature to most filmmakers. Serious prep is required. Lucky for you, there are tools to make this easier. Laying out your vision in a storyboard template is one way to do it.

What is a storyboard you may ask? It is a roadmap that will guide your journey from script to screen.

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a visual representation of a film sequence and breaks down the action into individual panels. It is a series of ordered drawings, with camera direction, dialogue, or other pertinent details. It sketches out how a video will unfold, shot by shot.

It’s is similar to a trial-run for your finished film, video, or commercial, laid out in a comic book-like form.

  • Drawings, sketches, reference images or photographs to represent each frame.
  • A description of the shot — any relevant information on the action, dialogue, or composition.
  • Shot specs — shot size, lens length, two-shot, etc.
  • Arrows to indicate camera and/or character movement or how each shot connects to the next.

It’s one thing to define storyboards — but what does a storyboard look like?

From simple stick figures to detailed sketches, the quality or content of each panel is really a secondary concern as long as the board serves its purpose for the filmmakers.

Storyboards can contain as much information as you want. Again, this is a tool to help you with the pre-production process so don’t feel completely tied to one storyboard format over another.

Most of the time, a storyboard is constructed to match what’s already been written in the script but they can also become deeply tied to the actual storytelling process.

To download the Classic Storyboard Template for 1920×1080 videos, click on the download link below and follow the steps.

Since we live in the times where vertical video is getting more and more popular, I often see people struggling with the classic form of storyboard when planning their shots.

So to make it simple for the ones who prefer creating vertical videos, I created a Vertical Video Storyboard Template which you can download by clicking on the banner below.

Please follow the steps required for download. I know it can be annoying but hey it helps me grow the community and make more cool stuff for you 🙂


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