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Drone Pre-Flight Checklist

Going through a drone pre-flight checklist will keep you and your copter safe.

It will also make sure you don’t waste time fixing components and getting things ready, when you could be having a blast flying your quad.

Here’s a checklist you can use before each flight:

  1. If you have a camera, check that you have your micro SD card inserted.
  2. Make sure the transmitter battery is charged.
  3. Make sure the quadcopter battery is charged.
  4. Insert the battery.
  5. Make sure the battery is inserted securely.
  6. Make sure each propeller is secure.
  7. Check that there are no loose parts on the quadcopter.
  8. Check for missing or loose screws.
  9. Turn on the transmitter.
  10. If your copter needs to calibrate and get satellite lock, wait until it finishes.
  11. Make sure there is enough room for launch and flight.
  12. Make sure the throttle (left stick) is all the way down.
  13. Turn on the transmitter.
  14. Back away 3 or 4 steps (or to a safe distance).
  15. Keep facing the quadcopter the entire time.
  16. Keep a direct line of sight at all times when flying, so you can always see your quadcopter. You want to keep a direct line of sight so you know when you’re about to crash. Also, sometimes, quadcopters can fly out of the range of the transmitter’s signal, which can cause your copter to fly off on its own (bye bye quadcopter). Keep the transmitter’s range in mind, and don’t let your quadcopter fly out of that range.

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