FREE Cinematic LUTS For Documentary Films

What exactly is the purpose of a documentary film? In a few words, Documentaries are non-fiction movies that strive towards making the world a better place. Its purpose is to make you aware and actively participate in a society that can make shape the future of this world. Other purposes of a documentary film are to inform, attack a perspective, to persuade, educate, entertain, defend a perspective, to critique, and to observe real life.

Documentaries are different from feature stories in a couple of ways. A documentary film is a short or a long video whose main objective is to give the viewer a realistic as well as an accurate picture of aspects of life or highlight works of technical nature.

The objective of a documentary film is to record actualities, so that they can inform people about it. There is an extent to which they can be used to educate people, including affecting their understanding, to increase or change or even reinforce it to lead them indecision or action making.

In order to make your documentary film look good, you will need to color grade it properly to portray a certain message and feeling. The proper color choice can set up the right mood in your film.

Here I give you 2 FREE Cinematic LUTs for Documentary films created by a fellow content creator Enisa Adrovic. Check her out on YouTube and Instagram. Make sure to subscribe and follow her to get a bunch of cool freebies.

In the video below check how the cinematic luts for documentary films look when applied on footage.

These 2 Free Cinematic LUTs are high quality, cinematic motion picture color grading LUTs for filmmakers. You can easily apply one of these looks, as well customize them to accentuate your footage.

Once installed, you can apply these cinematic luts with a single click in Adobe Premiere Pro.

For downloading, click on the download button below. Please follow the steps in order to unlock the download link. I ask you to subscribe to my channel and share it as a sign of support, so I can continue providing freebies to you guys.

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