6 FREE Orange and Teal Lightroom Presets 2019

6 FREE Orange and Teal Lightroom Presets 2019, teal and orange lightroom, free lightroom presets, free LUTs, tutsandreviews.com

Do you love those orange an teal summer photos you keep seeing on Instagram? Yeah, we all do! In case you haven’t been able to get that kind of look, or you have but you want to try out some different variations of Orange and Teal style, then make sure to check out our 6 FREE Orange and Teal Lightroom Presets (Pack I). Stay tuned for a Pack II, it is coming soon! Import these 6 Orange and Teal presets into Adobe Lightroom and with a single click get an…

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Foodie – FREE Food Photography Lightroom Presets

Foodie - Free Food Photography Lightroom Presets - tutsandreviews.com - Tuts and Reviews - Enisa Adrovic - enisaadrovic.com

Hey food photography lovers, we bring you some awesome FREE presets today! Check out and grab the Foodie – Free Food Photography Lightroom Presets.  The Foodie – Free Food Photography Lightroom Presets include 6 awesome presets: Baguette Bright Me Up Cozy Grunge Light Matte Vintage Grunge Watch the video to see how the presets look applied on example photos. Keep in mind that the result of presets will vary from one photo to another. No preset will look great with every photo. You may want to make some tweaks or…

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Wedding Day – FREE Lightroom Preset

Wedding Day - FREE Lightroom Preset - Tuts and Reviews - tutsandreviews.com

The Wedding Day Free Lightroom Preset is pretty subtle. It’s named Wedding Day but it looks good on non wedding and non-couple photos too. Once you apply it, you can tweak the look by changing your Tint and Temperature sliders (move Tint to the right for more red). And of course the overall Exposure will change the look too. I find it works well with a slightly darker overall exposure and if your photo isn’t too warm to start with (if it’s already a warm photo, the preset tends to…

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Free Cyberpunk Lightroom Presets

Download this set of 3 cyberpunk Lightroom presets by SparkleStock. They’re designed for night-time cityscapes and a great way to add the retrofuturistic vibe to your photos. The presets are compatible with Lightroom CC. Upgrade to the Pro version to unlock all 10 Lightroom presets. The Pro version also includes fadeable presets and LUTs for use in Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Premiere and many other software.  

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Free Christmas Lightroom Preset

Free Christmas Lightroom Preset by Photonify - Tuts and Reviews - tutsandreviews.com

Photonify gives out a completely free Christmas Lightroom Preset for you to add to your collection during the holiday period. This preset has been designed for use at Christmas and will work for portrait photos shot indoors, it’s ideal for family portraits and other candid photos taken at this time of year. You can use this to process your family photos around the tree or opening presents, it’s also perfect for using to create photographic Christmas cards to send to friends and family. This preset has been carefully constructed by…

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Classic Sepia Lightroom Presets

Classic Sepia Lightroom Presets - Tuts and Reviews - tutsandreviews.com

Don’t know how to add an old-fashioned mood to the photographs? Sepia Fantasy Lightroom Presets is package of LR filters that can transform your images into classic and emotional ones. Only after one click all your photographs will have a sepia and old-style mood. This set of sepia Lightroom presets is designed for photographers who want to give their works a dramatic look. This photo retouching is popular in recent years and continues to grab thousands of followers today. Sepia Lightroom Presets Collection: Adobe Lightroom 5.2 and higher Unlimited Number…

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Black and White – Soft Lightroom Preset

Black and White - Soft Lightroom Preset - Tuts and Reviews - tutsandreviews.com

Black and White – Soft Lightroom Preset It’s often used to create the pastel look on the photo, like it’s been painted or filmed. If a photographer is doing it the right way, it’s going to look really natural just on any picture, the skin will literally become softer and more gentle on the portraiture and headshots. It’ll pass perfectly for the boudoir or even nude pictures too. The preset is developed by: Fixthephoto.com     Tuts and Reviews is a photography & filmmaking resource site. We find and feature…

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8 Nostalgic Lightroom Presets

8 Nostalgic Lightroom Presets - Tuts and Reviews - tutsandreviews.com

Download these 8 Nostalgic Lightroom Presets for free! The pack contains nostalgic Lightroom presets and LUTs, courtesy of SparkleStock. They give your photos the memorable film-like look in just one click. The free download gives you 8 Lightroom presets and LUTs to choose from. Upgrade to the pro version to unlock all 30 presets and LUTs. The pro version also gives you fadeable presets (you can pick something lighter or stronger). Try them out and let us know what you think!   Tuts and Reviews is a photography & filmmaking resource…

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Bladerunner 2049 Lightroom Presets and LUTs

Bladerunner 2049 Lightroom Presets and LUTs - Tuts & Reviews - tutsandreviews.com

Download these Lightroom presets and LUTs inspired by the movie Bladerunner 2049. Created by SparkleStock, these dystopian-style color gradings can completely transform the narrative and feelings of your photos. The free version gives you 3 presets. Upgrade to the Pro version to unlock all 9 presets and LUTs. In addition, the Pro version features fadeable Lightroom presets and higher-quality LUTs. These presets can be modified and used in conjunction with LR Toolkit. LR Toolkit is the best workflow system for Lightroom and it makes it easy for you to customize the presets.…

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