ULTIMATE Cinematic Fonts Pack for Filmmakers – 60 FREE Fonts

You can have the best video ever, with amazing cinematic shots, great story and awesome music, but if you use a lame font you will end up runining it. Cinematic looking fonts are more important than people realize. According to the story and your visuals, you should choose which font is the most suitable. I often find myself scrolling font sites for hours to find one I like and need for a project. To save you some time, I made a selection of 60 amazing cinematic fonts which you can…

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FREE Fonts for Documentary Films

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Howdy filmmakers, how are you? Wishing you a Happy New Year and a lot of cool projects in this new year and decade. As usual I came up with a freebie for you guys – FREE Fonts for Documentary Films. Hopefully, in 2020 I will finally be able to upload much more great stuff for fellow filmmakers on our YouTube channel and website. The past 2 years were a little bit messy with only few uploads, but I will do my best to change that. Let’s start the new 2020…

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Free Fonts for Wedding Videos

free fonts for wedding videos, free wedding fonts, free fonts, tuts and reviews, fonts for wedding invitations, romantic fonts,

Hey friends, are you looking for some curvy romantic fonts for wedding videos? If you are, then you are in the right place. Check out this collection of 79 fonts for wedding videos, wedding invitations or anything romantic and love oriented 🙂 Most of the fonts are curvy but there are also few in a different style. I fount couple of duo fonts and I think you will love them. Please have a look at the YouTube video to see how the fonts look. To download the fonts, click on…

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20 BEST FREE CINEMATIC FONTS FOR 2019, cinematic fonts, best fonts for videos, premiere pro fonts, filmmaking fonts, tutsandreviews.com

Have you ever created an awesome video but you are struggling to find appropriate cinematic fonts? Then you start searching for hours, scrolling through dozens of websites and trying to find the best fitting cinematic fonts. Well, search no more! Here I bring you a collection of 20 best cinematic fonts for 2019 videos! Of course there is a lot more fonts to find on the Internet, but I handpicked these 20 and want to share them with you. Give your video project a slick professional edge with these FREE…

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41 FREE Fashion Fonts

fashion fonts, free fashion fonts, 41 BEST FREE Fashion Fonts, free fonts 2019, designer fonts 2019, tutsandreviews.com

Are you a fashion photographer or videographer? Maybe a graphic designer working on an fashion editorial or look book? And you need free fashion fonts? Well you are at the right place! Here I bring you a set of 41 FREE Fashion Fonts to use in your projects. It took me a while to find some nice fonts and deliver them to you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel as a sign of support. I will continue to deliver awesome freebies to you with pleasure. I share with you the…

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Best Fonts for Travel Videos 2018 – Free Download

Best Fonts for Travel Videos 2018.jpg Dree Download, tuts and reviews, travel videos hacks, how to make travel videos, free fonts, cinematic fonts, www.tutsandreviews.com

Everyone loves traveling, right? But what everyone likes even more is to watch an awesome travel video. Can a video be awesome if you are using a lame font? No, it can’t. That’s why we bring you a sweet collection of 35 Best Fonts for Travel Videos! Check it out 🙂 Take a look at the beautiful collection of fonts and download them for free by clicking on each one you like. Make sure to watch the whole video below so you can see how each of the fonts looks…

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Free Chinese and Japanese Fonts

Free Chinese & Japanese Fonts - Tuts and Reviews - www.tutsandreviews.com

Fresh Free Chinese and Japanese Fonts collection brought to you by Tuts & Reviews. You can use them for YouTube travel videos, short films, designs and etc. Stop using lame fonts in your projects. These high quality fonts can significantly improve your videos and designs. Take a look at the beautiful fonts and download them for free by clicking on each one you like. Make sure to watch the whole video below so you can see how each of the fonts looks like and download only the ones you love. DOWNLOAD…

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15 Free Futuristic Fonts for Your Videos and Designs 2018

15 Free Futuristic Fonts for Your Videos and Designs 2018 - tutsandreviews.com - TUTS AND REVIEWS

Fresh high-quality 15 free futuristic fonts for your videos and designs, handpicked just for you! Highest-quality fonts can significantly improve your designs or videos by simply including them in the project you are working on. You can use these fonts in videos, to create modern style logos, tattoos, badges, emblems, headings, posters, t-shirts/clothing, greeting cards, and etc. The fonts are free for download. Check out how they look here: Make sure to read any instructions or rules written by the creators of these fonts. We share with you the complete…

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Best FREE Cinematic Fonts for Your Videos PART 2

Best FREE Cinematic Fonts for Your Videos PART 2 - Tuts and Reviews - tutsandreviews.com

We continue with the free cinematic fonts series. In the Part 2 we bring you some quite different-looking fonts from the Part 1. Give your video or film a professional look with these FREE cinematic fonts. Hopefully you will find them interesting and useful for your projects. Feel free to share with us how you used the fonts. Drop us a link or write a comment here or on our YouTube channel. Looking forward to see your awesome work! To have a look at how each of these fonts looks…

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100 Greatest Free Fonts for 2018

100 Greatest Free Fonts for 2018 - Tuts and Reviews - tutsandreviews.com

New Year has already started. We make another little contribution in New Year 2018, by gathering 100 free fonts for you. We do this with your support and appreciation you give us. We hope these fonts are very useful to create some great project in 2018. Enjoy!   Tuts and Reviews is a photography & filmmaking resource site. We find and feature freebies from around the web provided by trusted sites and photographers as well as video or film creators. Make sure to browse our listing in the Freebies section! We also create our…

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