Best FREE Cinematic Fonts for Your Videos PART 2

We continue with the free cinematic fonts series. In the Part 2 we bring you some quite different-looking fonts from the Part 1.

Give your video or film a professional look with these FREE cinematic fonts. Hopefully you will find them interesting and useful for your projects.

Feel free to share with us how you used the fonts. Drop us a link or write a comment here or on our YouTube channel.

Looking forward to see your awesome work!

To have a look at how each of these fonts looks like, check our video on YouTube. For downloading, click on each font you like.


  1. IDroid
  2. Edo SZ
  3. American Captain
  4. Master of Break
  5. Long Shot
  6. Traveling Typewriter
  7. Capture IT
  8. Grobold
  9. True Lies
  10. Kenyan Coffee


In case you have issues with downloading the free cinematic fonts, please drop us an email on

Stay tuned, other cool cinematic fonts are also on the way to your doorsteps!


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