ULTIMATE Cinematic Fonts Pack for Filmmakers – 60 FREE Fonts

You can have the best video ever, with amazing cinematic shots, great story and awesome music, but if you use a lame font you will end up runining it. Cinematic looking fonts are more important than people realize. According to the story and your visuals, you should choose which font is the most suitable.

I often find myself scrolling font sites for hours to find one I like and need for a project. To save you some time, I made a selection of 60 amazing cinematic fonts which you can use for personal and commercial projects.

I am sure you will love them!

To have a look at how each of these fonts looks like, check the video on YouTube.

For downloading the fonts, click on the ones you like and you will get redirected to the files. It took me a while to find these so please subscribe to my YouTube channel as a sign of support. 

  1. Alegre Sans NC
  2. Alegre Sans SC
  3. Antonio
  4. Aovel Sans
  5. Archivo Black
  6. Archivo Narrow
  7. Arcon
  8. Barbaro
  9. Barlow
  10. Barlow Condensed
  11. Bebas Neue
  12. Bebas Kai
  13. Broken Glass
  14. Built Titling
  15. Cinematografica
  16. Coolvetica
  17. Cooper Hewitt
  18. Dalmais
  19. Deutschlander
  20. Droid
  21. Fatcow
  22. Ferrum
  23. Gobold
  24. Headline News
  25. Heathergreen
  26. Heebo
  27. Helmet
  28. Henri Didot
  29. Kelvetica
  30. Kenyan Coffee
  31. Komoda
  32. Lato
  33. Lavigne
  34. League Gothic
  35. League Spartan
  36. Libel Suit
  37. Metropolis
  38. Mixolydian Titling
  39. Mohave
  40. Montserrat
  41. Next-Art
  42. Norwester
  43. Open Sans Condensed
  44. Ostrich Sans
  45. Oswald
  46. Pilsen Plakat
  47. PT Sans
  48. Roboto Slab
  49. SF Movie Poster
  50. Six Caps
  51. Spartan MB
  52. Steelfish
  53. Tall Dark and Handsome
  54. Tall Films
  55. Teko
  56. Titlium Web
  57. TT Directors
  58. Toxigenesis
  59. Uni Sans
  60. ZZYZX

In case you want to download all the fonts at once, please click the download button below and follow the steps required.

I know it can be a bit of a hassle but it helps me grow my audience, and keep providing you with cool freebies.

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