Free Chinese and Japanese Fonts

Fresh Free Chinese and Japanese Fonts collection brought to you by Tuts & Reviews. You can use them for YouTube travel videos, short films, designs and etc. Stop using lame fonts in your projects. These high quality fonts can significantly improve your videos and designs.

Take a look at the beautiful fonts and download them for free by clicking on each one you like. Make sure to watch the whole video below so you can see how each of the fonts looks like and download only the ones you love.


Click on each font that you would like to download.

  1. Karate
  2. All Yoko
  3. Asia Pacific
  4. Asian Delight
  5. Atomic Sushi
  6. Bonzai
  7. General Tao
  8. Chang and Eng
  9. Chin Chan
  10. Chinese Takeway
  11. Chin Yen
  12. Digital Ninja
  13. Harakiri
  14. Japanese Style
  15. Japonesa
  16. Kaneiwa
  17. Katana
  18. Kato
  19. Lord Juusai
  20. Manga Style
  21. Message From The East
  22. Morning Calm
  23. Ninja Strike
  24. Real Chinese
  25. Samurai
  26. Romanji Mincho
  27. Shinobi Ninja
  28. Shangai
  29. Wonton
  30. Zenzai Itacha
  31. Tribal Chinese
  32. Takeout
  33. Shiny Eyes
  34. One Smear
  35. O-Wee-Ental
  36. Deng Thick
  37. Asie

In case you want to download all of the 37 fonts, then click on the link below and follow the instructions:


Make sure to read any instructions or rules written by the creators of these fonts.

We share with you the complete .zip files in the original format as downloaded so you can get all the necessary information. If the authors of these fonts require credit, please don’t avoid to give them the proper credit.

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