25 Free Sans-Serif Fonts for Motion Design

These 25 typefaces for motion design are much cooler than Helvetica and all 100% free.

One of the most frustrating parts of motion graphic design can be finding the right fonts to use in your projects. Because motion design is so different from still graphic design, many fonts don’t work well. This makes finding a useful typeface pretty challenging, especially in an overwhelmingly large library like daFont.

To help with this problem, we consulted motion design experts and scoured the Internet in search of 25 of the best sans-serif fonts to use in motion graphic design. In the comments below, let us know if there are any additional typefaces that should be added to the list!

Quick Note: While all of these typefaces are 100% free for download, different typefaces have different licensing agreements. Please reference the license for each font to confirm any possible usage restrictions.

Start building your sans-serif font library! Here’s the Helvetica-free list:

1. Kelson Sans

Kelson Sans is a remake of the original Kelson type family. The block-style ascenders and descenders add a level of minimalism to the rounded design.

Key Features: Consistent weight, minimal design, complete typeface

Artist: Bruno Mello

Download Kelson Sans

2. Norwester

orwester is a geometric sans-serif typeface that draws its inspiration from classic Americana design. Its thick weight and clean edges make it easily legible for viewers.

Key Features: Full typeface, Americana design, thick weight

Artist: Jamie Wilson

Download Norwester

3. SciFly

SciFly is a full typeface that has an inviting yet etherial design. Large open space in the letters make it to read.

Key Features: Simple shapes, sci-fi undertones, wide counters

Artist: Tommy Haaparanta

Download SciFly

4. Vincent

Vincent is a free font that was impressively created in 24 hours. Slanted edges and block design give homage to classic collegiate design.

Key Features: Collegiate design, defined edges, extended x-height

Artist: Ben Suarez

Download Vincent

5. Dense

Dense is an industry standard font that blends vintage and modern design. Dense comes in 3 different weights; all of which are extremely easy to read.

Key Features: Geometric designs, sloped descenders, modern feel

Artist: Charles Daoud

Download Dense

6. Lovelo

Lovelo is an bold typeface with an art deco style. The heavy weighted typeface also features a couple lined based iterations for added design elements.

Key Features: Art Deco style, 2 line versions, geometic design

Artist: Renzler Design

Download Lovelo

7. Fairview

Fairview is a condensed industrial sans-serif with both caps and small caps variations. Like Norwester, Fairview has classic Americana undertones that have notably square counters.

Key Features: Industrial design, small caps, square counters

Artist: Riley Cran

Download Fairview

8. Langdon

An uppercase-only typeface with a simulated drop shadow version. Langdon offers a very predictable but useful design.

Key Features: Uppercase only, drop shadow version, consistent weight

Artist: Steven Bonner

Download Langdon

9. Nexa

exa is an extremely bold, eye-catching typeface that is perfect for all things epic! Though Font Fabric features Nexa as a minimal font that is ideal for magazines, Nexa’s simple shapes make it easily maskable in After Effects.

Key Features: Symmetrical letters, consistent weight,

Artist: Font Fabric

Download Nexa

10. Archive

Archieve is a playful, contemporary font that features rounded edges making it a little less “serious” than most sans-serif typefaces.

Key Features: Rounded corners, circular stems

Artist: Slava Kirilenko

Download Archive

11. Rambla Alt

Rambla Alt is an alternative version of the classic Rambla font. It is notably distinct for it’s rounded counters and high heights.

Key Features: Large counters, high x-height
Artist: Martin Sommaruga

12. Bariol

The artists who created Bariol says it is the perfect blend of formal and laid back. Bariol’s thin weighted fonts feature more formal edges, while heavier weighted fonts have a more playful tone.

Key Features: Font variety, curved edges, formal tone

Artist: Atipo

Download Bariol

13. Moderne Sans

Moderne Sans is a 1920’s inspired font that features both upper and lower case characters. Hints of art deco are mixed with modern greek letters.

Key Features: Sharp edges, wide curves & counters

Artist: Marius Kempken

Download Moderne Sans

14. Biko

Biko is a typeface designed to blend modern fonts with african design. The font features wide counters and higher-than-usual x-heights.

Key Features: Tall x-height, upper & lower case

Artist:  Marco Ugolini

Download Biko

15. Fabrica

Fabrica was designed to be the most legible font in the world. Simple shapes and modern design give Fabrica a recognizable yet distinct feeling.

Key Features: Thin design, basic shapes

Artist: Alvin Kwan

Download Fabrica

16. Nevis

Nevis is a typeface that tries to blend bold design with friendly curves. Its geometric shapes make it extremely easy to read.

Key Features: Bold design, friendly tone

Artist: Ten by Twenty

Download Nevis

17. Sansation

While Sansation is considered a sans-serif typeface it looks somewhat like a serif font. It’s sloped ascenders give it some added ‘fun’.

Key Features: Sloped ascenders, upper & lower case

Artist: Berned Montag

Download Sansation

18. Adam.CG Pro

Adam is a font inspired by Futura. It draws on an art deco style to create an easy to read typeface.

Key Features: Sharp edges, rounded counters, modern design

Artist: Shrenik Ganatra

Download Adam.CG Pro

19. Tracion

An extremely thick weighted typeface, Tracion is great for trailers and everything epic. As you can see in the example above, Tracion has some kerning issues so be prepared to adjust it.

Key Features: Thick weight, serious tone,

Artist: Marcus Lien Gundersen

Download Tracion

20. Code Pro

Code is an increasingly popular typeface used in every aspect of graphic design. It’s wide counters allow it to be easily masked in After Effects.

Key Features: Rounded contours, symmetrical glyphs

Artist: Font Fabric

Download Code Pro

21. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is an extremely popular typeface that can easily take your designs to the next level. It’s blocked-style letters give it a theatrical look.

Key Features: Modern design, soft tone

Artist: Ryoichi Tsunekawa

Download Bebas Neue

22. Simplifica

Simplifica is a thin typeface that includes both upper and lower case letters. It plays homage to industry through it’s uniform design.

Key Features: Thin weight, symmetrical design

Artist: K A I W A

Download Simplifica

23. Kirvy

Not quite as curvy as the name implies, Kirvy is a symmetrical typeface with a higher-than-usual x-height. It is a good blend of modern and urban design.

Key Features: Urban undertones, sharp angles

Artist: Youssef Habchi

Download Kirvy

24. Bosun

Bosun is a modern fun interpretation of sans-serif typefaces. It has over 250 glyphs that can be used for your designing pleasure.

Key Features: Fun design, slanted descenders

Artist: Kid Grandios

Download Bosun

25. Gobold

Gobold is a good blend of epic and modern. Although it may be a little too elongated for most design situations, it’s simple shapes allow it to be easily manipulated.

Key Features: Heavy weight, elongated height

Artist: Situjuh Nazara

Download GoBold

Any fonts that should have made the list? Have you had any luck with these fonts? Share in the comments below.

Source: Premium Beat

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