Free Fonts for Wedding Videos

Hey friends, are you looking for some curvy romantic fonts for wedding videos? If you are, then you are in the right place.

Check out this collection of 79 fonts for wedding videos, wedding invitations or anything romantic and love oriented 🙂

Most of the fonts are curvy but there are also few in a different style. I fount couple of duo fonts and I think you will love them.

Please have a look at the YouTube video to see how the fonts look.

To download the fonts, click on the name of the font you want to download, and you will get redirected to the direct font link. If you prefer to download all the fonts at once, please click on the download button at the bottom of the page.

  1. Charlotte Calligraphy
  2. Leather
  3. Ellizabeth
  4. Mondayline
  5. Mariana Oghawa
  6. Hello Sarah
  7. California
  8. Athum Thin
  9. Aguero Serif
  10. Alessa Beilaire Deluxe
  11. Alinnea
  12. Aquilland
  13. Argentina
  14. Being Love
  15. Bellindia
  16. Bethany Script
  17. Birmingham
  18. Boheme Floral
  19. Boowie
  20. Bersley
  21. Canonatia
  22. Caramello
  23. Cattalonia
  24. Champignon
  25. Dantina
  26. Dattebayo
  27. Dellmonte Sans
  28. East Liberty Thin Signature
  29. Aerotis
  30. Endless
  31. Evelyne Script
  32. Everything Calligraphy
  33. Fantastic
  34. Cellestial
  35. Galgadot
  36. Gebrina
  37. Germany
  38. Handlove
  39. Harmony
  40. Irlandia Script
  41. Jelisa
  42. Katlyne
  43. Laurence
  44. Belinda
  45. Lavenda
  46. Localghost
  47. Made Saonara
  48. Maldins
  49. Mathelline
  50. Memories
  51. Mikayla
  52. Mindline Script
  53. Monsieur La Doulaise
  54. Montalia Script
  55. MrDeHaviland
  56. MrsSaintDelafield
  57. Mugello
  58. Beauty Athena
  59. Natthalie Signature
  60. Nattyla
  61. Precious Soul
  62. Pretty Queen
  63. Pretty Women
  64. Qonquer Millanova
  65. Qualey
  66. Queenland
  67. Queenstown
  68. Allison Tessa Oblique
  69. Santeria Signature
  70. Signatrue
  71. Silenter
  72. Simanice
  73. Sophia Bella
  74. Sottalica
  75. Month Glade
  76. Golden Class
  77. Tiffany Script
  78. Vineshia Johnson
  79. Violetta Script

It took me a while to find some nice fonts and deliver them to you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel as a sign of support. I will continue to create awesome freebies to you with pleasure.

I share with you the complete .zip files in the original format as downloaded so you can get all the necessary information. If the authors of these fonts require credit, please don’t avoid to give them the proper credit.

Most of these fonts are free for personal use only, while others are free for personal and commercial use.

Please respect the authors and give appropriate credit or find them and give a donation if you can afford it. It would be nice to show gratitude for their work.

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