FREE Fonts for Documentary Films

Howdy filmmakers, how are you? Wishing you a Happy New Year and a lot of cool projects in this new year and decade. As usual I came up with a freebie for you guys – FREE Fonts for Documentary Films. Hopefully, in 2020 I will finally be able to upload much more great stuff for fellow filmmakers on our YouTube channel and website. The past 2 years were a little bit messy with only few uploads, but I will do my best to change that.

Let’s start the new 2020 year with a cool freebie. Thousands of filmmakers have downloaded my cinematic fonts collections in the past year. Now I’m are adding some new ones in the collection, and these are especially cool for documentary films, but it is not excluded to use them for other kind of films or videos.

It took me a while to find some nice fonts and deliver them to you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel as a sign of support. I will continue to deliver awesome freebies to you with pleasure.

I share with you the complete .zip files in the original format as downloaded so you can get all the necessary information. If the authors of these fonts require credit, please don’t avoid to give them the proper credit.

Some of these fonts are free for personal use only, while others are free for personal and commercial use.

Check out the fonts in this video below.

To download the fonts, click on the name of the font you want to download, and you will get redirected to the direct font link. If you prefer to download all the fonts at once, please click on the download button at the bottom of the page. Follow the steps to unlock the link.


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