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Film photography for beginners | How to start in 2020?

Welcome to a new tutorial. This one is about film photography. If you wondered how to start with film photography in 2020, this tutorial might be a good starting point for you.

I am a beginner in film photography too, but since I am learning a lot at the moment, I wanted to share my knowledge right away so we can learn together on the go.

I fell in love with film photography after I recently tried out the popular Cinestill 800T film for night photography. I used with my analog camera Canon AE-1 Program. When I saw the results I was litterary blown away. The photos look so damn cinematic, straight out of the camera. No editing or any other activity. Please watch this video on my personal channel to see how the photos look like.


At the moment I am trying to shoot the other Cinestill 800T rolls I have, but with the isolation and quarantine because of Covid 19, I am not really able to do it properly. Anyway, as soon as I do, I will show you the results for sure.

If you have any questions, it will be my pleasure to answer you.

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