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Lightroom Presets Starter Pack

Lightroom Presets Starter Pack

We love cool and free Lightroom Presets, do you? If you like mild presets that do just a little thing here or a little thing there, just walk on by. But if you wanna go cray-cray, well buckle up and jump on board! This free package will give you a good taste of Trey’s Lightroom Presets. He created eleven presets for various photo situations!

Which presets come in this FREE Starter pack?
“A Beautiful Release”
“Hotel of Budapest”
“Latin Oil Slicker”
“Prime Picard”
“Sandstorm Castle Black”
“Broken Photocopier”
“Light HDR”
“Restoration Software”
“Olden Delays”
“Alkaline Storm”

These presets work for all versions of Lightroom as long as you at least have Lightroom 4.

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