How to make a Timelapse Video with Canon 80D

Canon 80D timelapse video

You bought a new Canon 80D and you would like to make a timelapse video? Check out our short tutorial and example! In this video you can find out how to set up your Canon 80d for a timelapse video. After going through the settings, check the short timelapse example at the end of the tutorial. Feel free to ask any question in the comments section as well as to share your timelapses made with Canon 80d. Check the tutorial here Check the awesome Canon 80D camera on Amazon. Make…

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How to Photograph a Silhouette

How to Photograph Silhouettes

Have you wondered how to properly photography silhouettes? Silhouettes are a wonderful way to convey drama, mystery, emotion and mood to the viewers of your photos and often stand out in an album because of the combination of their simplicity but also the story that they convey. Silhouettes don’t give the viewer a clear picture of everything but leave part of the image up to their imagination to wonder about. The basic strategy for photographing a silhouette includes placing your subject in front of some source of light and to…

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