Cinestyle vs Clog – 2 FREE Cinematic LUTs included

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Log profile is a flat color profile, which basically means it has low contrast, high dynamic range and flat colors. This allows you to manipulate the footage in post production, instead of fighting with high contrast and too saturated colors when shooting in standard camera profiles.

Pro level cameras come with an original Canon log profile pre-installed. But Canon DSLRs don’t have any log profile. There is only an option to install 2 or 3 custom profiles, depending on the camera model.

Two log profiles recommended for Canon are Cinestyle and Clog. Cinestyle is free, while Clog is less than 30 US dollars.

I personally prefer Clog look. I have been using cinestyle one period of time and overall when I look back at all that footage, I don’t really like how it looks. Not professional enough. The highlights are blown out, the colors look washed out after applying a lut it just doesn’t have such a pro look like Clog. At least that is my opinion.

For all of you who love to custom color grade your footage, here are 2 free cinematic luts created by a fellow content creator! I have used these luts for client projects and travel videos, let me tell you they are top notch!

Download Cinestyle:
Purchase Clog:

Get 2 FREE Cinematic LUTs:

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