Unboxing the Canon C70

I just got my Canon C70, one year after the official launch and I was wondering – am I too late for an unboxing video? Hahah who cares, I’ll make it and share it, even though there is a bunch of unboxings outthere.

The C70 was designed and tailored for cinematographers.The C70 is the first Cinema EOS camera to adopt the RF mount. Briefly, this mount opened optical opportunities to develop a new generation of lenses having higher optical performance. This is the first use of the RF mount – developed by Canon for their full-frame mirrorless cameras – in the Cinema EOS camera family. That leads to leveraging the extensive availability of EF and RF lenses – in optically bridging between all of these full-frame lenses and the Super 35mm image sensor in the EOS C70.

I’m a bit late, but hey this is my first cinema camera and I don’t really care if the “unboxing momentum” has passed. I’m so happy to finally have the Canon C70 in my hands. This will be a huge improvement in the production quality I offer. Can’t wait to test it on the field! Let’s roll baby ????

Btw I’ll be making a set of tutorials related to the C70, for all the ones who are switching from DSLR video cameras to cinema cameras. Stay tuned and hit that sub & bell button so you don’t miss a thing. See ya!

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