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There are so many videos out there showing us how to get the authentic film look straight into the camera by upgrading our filming gear. But is it possible to get it in post-production? Yeah it is, and it usually requires a couple of hours, depending on the look you are chasing.

But what about using a plugin that can get you there in just a few clicks? Sounds kind of cheesy, I know, but it seems people have built a great product that truly gives an authentic film look in a couple of minutes. And comes with a bunch of options to endlessly tweak it. HOW COOL IS THAT? I loved testing this plugin named Dehancer. It is going to become one of my essential video editing tools. I deeply recommend you to test it out and let me warn you – you’re gonna love it.

For everyone who loves it and wants to purchase it, I got a 10% discount for you, just use this code: ENISA10

Thank me later.

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