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How and where to get ideas for a film script

Most great ideas for a film script come to mind suddenly. But, what if you do not want to depend on the chance success? In this article we want to describe 10 ways that will allow you to find ideas for a film script at any time.

1. Practice on the spontaneous thoughts outlined on paper

This is a kind of “stuffing your hands” before you start working. But maybe you will be able to come up with something that will serve as an introduction or a piece of the future work. We assure you that even one sentence is a beginning of something good. If the idea is too simple, it is enough to approach the idea from the other side and use your imagination.

2. Take off your headphones in a public place more often

It will be useful if you do this just when someone is sorting out a relationship or having an ordinary conversation. You have a chance to feel yourself not alone in this world, and as one proverb says: “Opinions differ”. Listen to what people passing by are talking about.

3. Learn to play a musical instrument

Whether it’s guitar or piano, or even drums. In the process of learning when you try to play different sound combinations, you may come up with a story, for example, about a guy-musician (or a girl). And who does not like to read about art, especially if it is a beautiful romantic story with elements which are already to your taste? Even if the idea does not appear, you will respect yourself more because you’ve learned something new.

4. Describe your hatred

This is a great way to catch an idea. If you hate or envy someone, sit at a table or at a computer and just write down what you feel. Pour on the white pages everything that has accumulated, “dirty” them with an electronic ink. Also it would be a nice idea to properly embellish your emotions, and not just to sketch out a few sentences. Grotesque (exaggeration on the verge of absurdity) in some cases will even benefit. With descriptions of positive emotions (love, admiration, etc.) you can do the same.

5. Talk to yourself more often

Go to the mirror and play a dialogue between yourself and yourself. Yes, yes, do not be shy at all, tell yourself a couple of compliments, and at the same time the mood will rise. Imagine a situation and try to think about it.

6. Change the routine of the day or evening

For example, you go to bed like this: first you take a shower, then you brush your teeth, go to bed and fall asleep. And what if you change this everyday ceremony a little or just turn parts of it off? Before going to bed, listen to music or read something, or watch a movie. Between taking a shower and brushing your teeth, you do something else. So you stop doing everything in autopilot mode and put fresh thoughts into your head.

7. Be curious

Try to read more of “gen” (general audience), this is a very important genre, the same as “het” and “slash”. Sometimes there are good descriptions of external details or the state of nature that your work may need. In this neutral genre there are many really original works. With its help you will have an opportunity to collect a decent number of ideas for their genres. Get a notebook where you will write out the phrases, and then just formulate them differently.

8. Get a shake

Effective, but also quite an uneasy way to catch on the hook ideas for the plot. The meaning is to violate a rule, to make it illegal or stop performing one of the duties and get a reprimand for it. For example, from your friends. Surely among your loved ones there are individuals who, with their conversations and teachings, can shake you up properly. It’s a good method to cleanse your inner sheet from “dirt”, former thoughts. Remember this, but use it rarely.

9. Listening to audio books, pay attention to the voice of the reader

This is a nice method to try when you are doing some kind of physical work but you do not really need to think about it. During listening, pay attention to the voice of the reader. Try to imagine how this same reader utters thoughts in your head. Because of this, even your mood or writing style can change.

10. Observe people

Go to the park and become a detective. For this you need to buy a newspaper or to take a book from home. Sit down on the bench and pretend to be busy reading, and at this moment watch the passers-by, their movements, the manner of communication, look into their eyes. If you’re terribly bored with this, self-deception is your help. As Dale Carnegie, a psychologist, said, “pretend you are interested, try to convince yourself in it, and you will be really interested”.

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