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Vertical Video Storyboard Template FREE Download

If you are on of the filmmakers who make more vertical videos rather than the classic ones, then this vertical video storyboard template is exactly for you.

I hope it will help you to to make the road from script to screen much more pleasant.

The download includes a pdf document that contains a few variations of a storyboard which you can choose from depending on your needs or preferences. Whichever you choose, you can print them in as many copies you need.

To download it, click the button and follow the steps required. I know it can be annoying sometimes to go through the steps, but hey it helps me grow the community and make more cool stuff for you.


Let’s connect on Instagram! If you use any of my storyboards, you can post it on your Instagram story and tag my profile @tuts_reviews

I will share it on my story and give you a shout out 🙂

If you haven’t downloaded the classic storyboard template, you can find it by visiting the link below.

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