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Who needs a food stylist?

Food stylist services for are of high interest for people from different spheres. Some people find them directly, usually outside the Internet. However, the availability of your portfolio on the Internet is a significant plus that will help you attract potential customers.

Although this trend has appeared relatively recently, it justifies the amount that we spend on maintaining the website. After all, we need it not only to advertise our services, but also to show our customers the importance of the profession of food stylist in various fields. The needs of your customers will vary greatly. Here’s what you should expect from these customers:


Customers often hire a photographer, suggesting that he should hire a food stylist. Photos can be needed for books of recipes, magazines, ads, editorials, packaages, brochures, etc. – in general, for everything related to food.

PR-firms and advertising agencies

PR firms and advertising agencies often gather teams to create an advertising photo or video for the client. They can hire you to stylize festive advertisements and photos for their website. Another task can be to prepare and decorate all the necessary dishes, but also to decorate the set. Also they may hire you to participate in a press tour, for example. With your work you should convince the whole country that the products of your clients would make their parties/events unforgettable.

Authors and Publishers

The author or publisher may require photographs of various dishes for a cookbook. Preparing dishes according to recipes from the book, you can offer your services as a taster, too. Authors often organize culinary demonstrations on local TV channels, satellite press tours and public tastings, for which it is necessary to beautifully arrange the dishes served. A book tour can provide a stylist with more than one work.

Recently, more and more publishers are demanding that the author pay for photos from his pocket, forcing him directly to hire a food stylist or photographer. Do not forget to leave a business card to each author or publisher who contacted you. Maybe he will hire you for the next project!

Producers of food and food equipment

Everything related to food, even if not directly, can provide a food stylist with work. The product manufacturer can hire you to work with his representative or a well-known culinary expert on advertising, information or entertainment TV programs, satellite press tours; or with a photographer for advertising, packaging or a website. Your duties may also include writing additional recipes for the websites, etc.

Owners of cafes, restaurants

In Europe, food stylists also work on creating new menus. This is about when a technical brain of a stylist cooperates with the inspired chef. Because the food stylist clearly understands the culinary trends in the world and the need of customers. And the chef brings these ideas into reality.

There are many cases when the restaurant was not too famous for his high cuisine, but having invited food stylists, afterwards they received such high-quality photos that they increased the flow of customers. Therefore, the restaurateurs must understand that professionalism and quality are extremely important in the work.

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