Foodie – FREE Food Photography Lightroom Presets

Foodie - Free Food Photography Lightroom Presets - - Tuts and Reviews - Enisa Adrovic -

Hey food photography lovers, we bring you some awesome FREE presets today! Check out and grab the Foodie – Free Food Photography Lightroom Presets.  The Foodie – Free Food Photography Lightroom Presets include 6 awesome presets: Baguette Bright Me Up Cozy Grunge Light Matte Vintage Grunge Watch the video to see how the presets look applied on example photos. Keep in mind that the result of presets will vary from one photo to another. No preset will look great with every photo. You may want to make some tweaks or…

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10 tricks that will take your smartphone food photos to the next level

10 tricks that will take your smartphone food photos to the next level - Tuts and Reviews -

We’ve all seen (and maybe even posted) some really bad photos of food. From the camera flash unflatteringly bouncing off your plate in a dark restaurant, to bad photos made worse with oversaturated filters, good smartphone photography is becoming more and more of an art. Here are 10 tricks that will take your food photos to the next level! Use your phone’s grid setting There’s a tool on almost all smartphone devices that allows you to overlay a grid onto every photo you’re taking. That way you can make sure that your lines…

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Who needs a food stylist?

Who needs a food stylist? - Tuts and Reviews -

Food stylist services for are of high interest for people from different spheres. Some people find them directly, usually outside the Internet. However, the availability of your portfolio on the Internet is a significant plus that will help you attract potential customers. Although this trend has appeared relatively recently, it justifies the amount that we spend on maintaining the website. After all, we need it not only to advertise our services, but also to show our customers the importance of the profession of food stylist in various fields. The needs…

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More Beautiful Than It Is: Food Styling

More Beautiful Than It Is: Food Styling - Tuts and reviews -

Almost every picture of food that comes to our eyes is the result of the work of the team of stylists. They think through packaging, make out menus, magazines, cookbooks and billboards. Many people are convinced that in food styling all dishes are replaced in photos with inedible, but mouth-watering looking objects. You can often hear conversations like “instead of ice cream they use puree, and instead of milk – PVA.” But it’s really a myth that the stylists replace ice cream with mashed potatoes, the glue usually dries up,…

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Free Lightroom Preset for Food Photography

Free Food Photography Preset

Cody Caissie has offered up a free food photography preset for Lightroom allowing you to max out the clarity of the image, lower the highlights and lighten shadows. This preset allows you to change the look of the image taking your food photography to the next level. It is built to convert RAW files from your original version to highly process image where you clarity is maxed out, highlights and lowered, shadows are lightened and more.   Tuts and Reviews is a photography & videography resource site. We find and…

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