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Reflections – Free Photoshop Action

Reflections – Free Photoshop Action

This set “Reflections – Free Photoshop Action” contains 8 free Photoshop actions that create beautiful reflections.

  • The first 3 actions create a classic reflection, with the photo seen from 3 different angles (front, left, right).
  • The fourth action creates a folding image & reflection.
  • The next 2 actions create an interesting scene with two photos leaning against the 2 sides of a wall corner.
  • The seventh action reflects a triptych version of the original image.
  • The last action creates reflections of images with transparent areas.
  • The actions include some very interesting features: you can modify the size of the reflection, or choose from two different types of backgrounds (solid color | gradient).



This set of actions is created by Panos FX. In order to download it, click on the button below.


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