Winter Bundle Photoshop Actions and Overlays

Winter Bundle PS Actions + Overlays - Tuts and Reviews -

“Silver & Moon” is the collection of 57 PS actions, 70+ overlays and 30+ fine art textures. Cool, clean colors and fabulous effects– all you need to add a lot of winter magic to your pictures in one set. This Winter Bundle Photoshop Actions and Overlays has: • High quality effects. • High Resolution 300 dpi • Non-destructive actions, leaving your original photo layer untouched. • Easy to edit. • “Run all” actions that will play all of the actions in the category so you can easily compare the effects on your photo without needing to run…

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Ultimate Dehaze Photoshop Actions

Ultimate Dehaze Photoshop Actions - Tuts & Reviews -

Dehaze your photos with better results using these Photoshop actions. Photoshop’s Dehaze tool uses a very large feathering setting. As a result, this can cause halos between areas with varying levels of haze. These Photoshop actions will “trick” Photoshop into using a lower feathering setting. Check out below the Ultimate Dehaze Photoshop Actions Tutorial. Tuts and Reviews is a photography & filmmaking resource site. We find and feature freebies from around the web provided by trusted sites and photographers as well as video or film creators. Make sure to browse…

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Reflections – Free Photoshop Action

Reflections – Free Photoshop Action - Tuts and Reviews -

Reflections – Free Photoshop Action This set “Reflections – Free Photoshop Action” contains 8 free Photoshop actions that create beautiful reflections. The first 3 actions create a classic reflection, with the photo seen from 3 different angles (front, left, right). The fourth action creates a folding image & reflection. The next 2 actions create an interesting scene with two photos leaning against the 2 sides of a wall corner. The seventh action reflects a triptych version of the original image. The last action creates reflections of images with transparent areas.…

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Free Photoshop Actions from Morgan Burks

Photoshop actions

Free Photoshop Actions from Morgan Burks These great free Photoshop Actions from Morgan Burks include samples from her Transcendent collection of actions which are all meant to reduce your edit time and give you a soft, subtle look. These actions are compatible with many different versions of Photoshop. A great addition to the action arsenal if you are looking to save time in your workflow. Tuts and Reviews is a photography & videography resource site. We find and feature freebies that we have found around the web from trusted sites and photographers and/or…

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Free Photoshop Actions from Dreamstale

Free Photoshop Actions

Free Photoshop Actions by Dreamstale Dreamstale provides a collection of 3 Free Photoshop Actions for your photos. This set includes advanced actions that produce stunning results. The “Warm Sunset” brings just the right amount of warmth to your images and is great for sunsets or sunrises. The “Retro” effect gives a nice touch to your photos as it adds haze and vintage aged look. It is advised by Dreamstale to use this action for portraits, kids and objects. The “Warm and Bright” effect is another cool Photoshop action that transforms…

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