3 Things To Consider When Buying A Camera Slider

A camera slider is often a must-have for serious filmmakers. But, which features are the most important when buying a camera slider?

Versatility is critical for filmmakers. The more tools and options we have at our disposal, the better equipped we are to rise to the demands of the occasion.

Only few things bring your filming alive like tracking shots. In the past, fancy tracking shots could be performed only by professional movie studios. Solo and amateur photographers didn’t really have access to the expensive dolly and tracking gear available to the big studios.

As the availability of camera sliders explodes, more and more brands and companies are cashing in.

When it comes to buying a camera slider, you can’t afford to make the wrong choice with your purchase. Even if you return a product you’re not satisfied with, you’ve still wasted valuable time and effort.

Which Features Are The Most Important?


Before you can buy a slider, it helps to know exactly what sort of features you’ll need and are looking for.

Everyone has different sizes of cameras and different filming needs, so you’ll have to consider these factors and evaluate them according to your own expectations.

1. Material

Most camera sliders are made out of carbon fiber, steel or aluminum. These options vary greatly in weight and load capacity. Carbon fiber sliders are considerably lighter than steel or even aluminum, but they have a smaller load capacity.

If you’re filming solo and want to keep your load to a minimum, carbon fiber or aluminum are better choices. If you have a large, heavy camera, however, you’re probably going to need a steel slider.

2. Length

Camera sliders are available in several different lengths.

It’s important to consider the balance of your slider. If you have a longer unit, you will need two sets of tripods to balance the rig. Therefore, make sure to pick the size you can benefit the most from.

Here you can have a look at three different sizes for a slider and think about which one suits the best for you. Make sure to not go too short because you won’t get a high quality footage. However, compare the prices between the medium and the long slider size.

If the difference is not too big, then by all means go with the longer slider but have in mind you might need to use 2 tripods to stabilize it.




3. Legs / Feet

Many sliders come with built-in legs/feet so that you don’t need to carry a heavy tripod or two with you, although this mostly applies to smaller sliders.

Some slider legs are designed for balancing on flat surfaces, while others have a gripping mechanism that lets them attach to rocks or other surfaces for more freedom and flexibility.

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Which Slider I use?

I’ve been using a slider for several years already and learned a lot by using it. The model I bought is this one: Neewer Camera Slider

I like the sliders that Neewer makes. You get a great value for the price. They are more affordable than many other brands and yet they keep a certain level of quality, which I like very much.

Check this short review of the Neewer slider on my YouTube channel.

My Recommendation!


If you are a beginner filmmaker or even an advanced one, I absolutely recommend you to start with the same slider I use. You will love the versatility and the quality you get for the price. It’s lightweight with smooth motion, great carbon fiber rails and a sleek professional look.

Depending on your budget and needs I recommend you check this Neewer Slider with Flywheel Counterweight Rail Stabilizer.

The camera slider is made of high-strength carbon fiber rails and stainless steel flywheel, sturdy, lightweight and not easily deformed so you can achieve the perfect slide with precise control over the movement. It comes with a quality storage bag for convenient and transport.

The flywheel counterweight and belt-driven pulley system provides more consistent and smoother slides compared to a standard slider. The addition of the handle gives you a different way to operate the slider with a crank for full control over your camera movements.

It is a bit more expensive than regular sliders but if you have a budget then definitely go for it. You won’t regret it! Check the current prices on Amazon.

Circular Slider / Round Slider?

If you shoot often circular footage around products or a model, you will probably wanna check out this dope CIRCULAR SLIDER from the same brand Neewer.

I love how this thing looks and how easy you can perform round shots with 100% stable footage and basically low effort!

To perform the same type of shot with a gimbal or a steadycam sometimes can become a real trouble. No one can be 100% precise like a completely stable circular slider.

The slider platform has 4 Roller Wheel Bearings. The sliding process is smooth and noiseless. It has 4 pairs of independently adjustable feet (both angle and height can be adjustable) which can be balanced for table-top or ground-level shooting.

Definitely worth giving a shot! Let me know if you decide to buy any of the mentioned sliders. I would love to know your feedback about the quality! 😉

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